Thank you!

Thanks so much for everyone who tuned in to watch TDIAC at the Bushwick SITE festival. Unfortunately, because I was rushed and forgetful, I didn’t get a chance to record the performance. But, we received tons of great feedback and comments on the Twitter stream and kudos from people in states around the country who were watching us make fools of ourselves for the sake of art. (Chair dancing, the Macarena, and pelvis thrusting were all present.) We also learned some fun dances from the audience. I had the pleasure of learning one I think was called “The Matador” that involved a partner and sticking your chest out and wacking your arm behind your back. I’m going to break that out next time I’m at a dance party.

It was an interesting contrast from the first version of the performance, which involved no technology and was all choreographed. Saturday’s performance was very multimedia and had no set choreography. Ultimately, I want to combine both elements to create a longer piece that continues to build on the idea that this is a community project that centers around audience-based submissions.

Photos from the performance to come. And stay tuned for This Dance is a Cliché: Live, part 3. In the meantime, keep the cliché submissions coming!


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