Fourteenth Submission: Jean-Pierre

Sometimes we happen upon cliché when we aren’t even looking for it. Jean-Pierre had this experience recently and sent me the following submission:

I was googling something entirely unrelated to belly dance or princess leia; when I found this article with these videos embedded:

The artists combined really cliche tribal belly dance with really cliche Star Wars costumes to create an entirely new original horror 😦

I would hesitate to call belly dancing “cliché,” but it seems these so-called belly dancers are mediocre at best. I also shy away from anything that combines the terms “dance” and “fantasy.” It just never bodes well for those of us who are legit.


3 responses to “Fourteenth Submission: Jean-Pierre

  1. Was working Gentle Giant’s booth at San Diego Comic Con last year when we had a Golden Bikini Slave Leia photoshoot that G4 coordinated. It was there that I first witnessed the live action Star Wars belly dancing. No idea if it was cliche or not, but you can see for yourself at about 48 seconds in.

  2. “I would hesitate to call belly dancing “cliché,””

    I really don’t see how an entire dance form could be in itself a cliché. 🙂 Especially as oriental dance is an ethnic dance, and under its umbrella includes both performance and social dance. (well, Tribal style is a fusion style that mixes middle eastern dance with other western and world dance influences, but still) I don’t think the dance as a whole can be cliché any more than the cultures it comes from can be themselves be considered clichés.

    To me, it’s like calling Mexican food a cliché. I mean, sombreros and enormous margaritas can be clichés in Mexican restaurants, but I wouldn’t want to be the one to tell somebody’s Mexican grandmother that her style of cooking is overexposed.

    That said, there are certainly clichés *within* middle eastern dance (like the sombreros in Mexican restaurants) and I think the Princess Leia/sci-fi convention dance is one of them. 🙂

  3. Oh hello again! I don’t think belly dance is cliche, actually I quite like it. However, once you’ve seen too much “tribal belly dance” by mediocre performers, its starts to look pretty cliche.

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