Twelfth Submission: Todd Walker

Big props to my temporary roomie and member of my OCU dance family for encouraging his advanced tap students at Applause Studios in Oklahoma City to participate in this project! He sent me two videos. The first video is a cliché dance he choreographed and set on his students:

The second video is the students’ own interpretation of dance cliché:

I absolutely love this. I love that the students’ are creative and open-minded enough to be able to see dance elements that are overused in their own world, where many of their performances take place on a competition stage. Youth of America, you’re making me proud. (Thanks again to Todd!!)


3 responses to “Twelfth Submission: Todd Walker

  1. Nice work! It was so fun to see the students’ take on dance cliché. I would love to see more video contributions like this one. I hope others will take on the challenge of producing their own videos.

  2. I loved the second one, how it went from tap to competition contemporary. It was actually sort of good, too o.O

  3. I grew up in OKC, so it’s great to see some dancers from my neck of the woods. I actually saw a dance to “Disturbia” at Kansas Dance Festival that was rather similar to the second video, scarily enough. It also had a intro that was an imitation of Project Runway. The choreographer needs to pay a visit to this website!

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