Ninth Submission: Scott Smith

Not to be outdone by his “good bride,” Scott Smith sent TDIAC the following submission this morning:

Like many cliches, this dance once had impact, it had meaning. And then this happened:

Now it is the province of drunk, puffy dudes at weddings.

It’s funny because I was considering teaching my 5th graders in the Bronx the Running Man, just for fun. I’d argue Scott’s assertion that the dance ever had impact, but it was definitely how my friends and I spent time during recess in elementary school. We also did this dance we called The Funky Chicken, but I’m pretty sure we made it up. It’s not like any other Funky Chicken I’ve ever seen before.


2 responses to “Ninth Submission: Scott Smith

  1. Bite your tongue! The funky chicken is real, and it is beautiful.

    When those people hit the field? I choke up a little.

  2. Oh, I don’t doubt the realness of the Funky Chicken. I just think the dance we did was something we made up, then we called it the Funky Chicken because, c’mon, that sounds really cool.

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