A celebration

While chatting with my dear friend Kyle Beachy (buy his book!) this afternoon, I was reminded of the true essence of this project and felt the need for a slight clarification.

This project was born out of frustration with cliché. I would work on movement then suddenly find myself paralyzed, unable to think of anything else that I felt was truly unique or really expressed my full intentions. I would be sure that I was just recycling old movements of my own or that I had seen elsewhere. So instead of letting these clichés inhibit my creation process, I decided to embrace them and give them a forum. It was pointed out to me that this may be unclear, though, based on the fact that on the surface, we’re making fun of many of these overused aspects of dance. Our Gchat went a little something like this:

Kyle: but sarah i support cliches. that’s the problem…i want to be able to dance as badly and as cliched as i like without worrying about if my dance is cliche.

if i start thinking about cliches, i can get paralyzed.
me: haha
that’s sort of the point of the project, though
I get paralyzed, too
when choreographing
so the project is to embrace them
not necessarily make fun of them
just give them a venue
cliché only
Kyle: oh i see. well, then, yes. i will find you one, so long as you promise no to make fun of the played-outedness of the dancer, but instead revel in his/her tired moves, and applaud him/her for dancing at all.
me: you will be showered with applause
you do remind me that perhaps I should explain that, though
about the project
dancing makes some people so self-conscious and/or scared
especially if they think they’re about to be put in a venue where they will be ridiculed
Kyle: it’s a celebration, bitches. it’s supposed to be a celebration, bitches.
me: a celebration, indeed

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