Seventh Submission: Shanna Honkomp

Running. What could be less cliché than a simple function utilized by most mammals? However, for some reason when you combine “running” with “dance,” the most awkward movements occur. Shanna Honkomp, a dance enthusiast, fantastic performer and wealth of dance trivia, sent the following submission:

The run. What run you may ask? THE RUN. You know the one. It’s in contemporary, it’s in modern, it’s definitely in lyrical, and it’s even found in classical ballet. Some poor las or lad is instructed to run.

Around the stage.
Should I look like a dancer when I run?
Absolutely not. Look as “pedestrian” (another favorite dance cliché) as possible.
Am I running somewhere or to someone?
No, but you can add your own intention.

This usually ends with the dancer flailing him/herself on the floor and quivering (please see Elizabeth Parkinson performing Purple Rain, in Billboards by Joffrey Ballet. This piece might have actually originated the cliché. Folks, that was 1993. It was original then, it’s played out now!)

In the clichéd words of Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity”!

We were at a get together over the weekend, and I made her demonstrate for my camera. (Yes, the giggling in the background is yours truly.)


One response to “Seventh Submission: Shanna Honkomp

  1. My dance teacher made me choose between by fledgling soccer and dance careers because I couldn’t do this important dance. Seriously.

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