Fourth Submission: Chris Pelrine

OMG! TDIAC just went international with our fourth submission, which hails from our neighbors up north: Canada. Chris has enlightened us with a costuming cliché, which is just delightful. Way to look at all aspects of the picture, Chris.

He writes:

After dancing for years and being at OCU I realize that many people rely on clichés in costuming. If you are doing a dance to “Singing in the Rain” [Ed note: Please don’t do a dance to “Singing in the Rain.”] don’t put your dancers in rain coats and umbrellas. Also I find it a misconception that people think that every dance costume must have rhinestones and sequins. I think the best costumes and most interesting costumes are ones that are eye catching and fit the dance and do not just rely on sequin and sparkle. Do not get me wrong I like rhinestones as much as everyone else I just know when it is appropriate.

For those of you who have managed to avoid musicals and dance studio recitals your whole life, a little visual representation (mask was inserted by me to protect the identity of the young dancer):

I’ve managed to avoid much commentary on the submissions and let them speak for themselves at this point, but I would generally like to add that no one likes to be hit over the head with a concept. Find your focal point, and let it speak for itself. Everything else will follow. Check your rhinestones and umbrellas at the door.


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