Calling all non-professional dancers! TDIAC needs YOU

So far this site has received some very insightful submissions from dancers from all over, and I encourage this behavior to continue. However, there’s a whole untapped market of non-professional dancers out there who I know are harboring some genius clichés of their own.

Where do you dance? At the club? At house parties? Once a year at prom? In your living room with your cats? Maybe the only dance you do is the horizontal mambo, but c’mon, I know you’ve at least seen someone dance a time or two in your life. (If not, there’s a website I’d like to tell you about called, which is chock full of videos of people doing silly dances in their homes.) What do you see regularly that is overused and tired? What moves can you basically predict will happen next? What is, as my Brooklyn students say, “played?”

VIDEO THEM AND BRING THEM TO ME. I would love to see this project get a bit more multimedia. I want photos, videos and the like. Show me what you got.

For inspiration, I present to you the dance I dread seeing people do every time I hit the dance floor at a wedding (and sometimes if I’m near a bachelorette party):


One response to “Calling all non-professional dancers! TDIAC needs YOU

  1. i was crossing my fingers and praying that this video would be of the chicken dance, but this is just as lame.

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