Third submission: Anna Brady Nuse

Oh, the chair dance. The dreaded chair dance. I was going to go on and on, but guess what? I don’t have to. The lovely and talented dance filmmaker Anna Brady Nuse from one of my favorite blogs, Move The Frame, has weighed in on her most dreaded dance cliché. She writes:

I love the premise of your new blog project and enjoyed reading the two submissions so far. I’d like to contribute my post about chair dances that I wrote a while ago: The angsty chair dance makes me break out in hives. Every novice choreographer makes one, and I’ve been exposed to more than my share. I don’t know how undergrad comp teachers can stand it!

Click on that there link. Read her pretty words and check out the accompanying videos she has posted. Interestingly enough, she speaks of a few dance-a-day video bloggers (that’s vloggers if you’re hip, y’all), and I just wrote a little something about a dance vlogger yesterday.

Woop! Keep ’em coming!


One response to “Third submission: Anna Brady Nuse

  1. Try this on for size.

    The dreaded Chair dance with Strobe lights, fog on stage and what the heck lets throw in a little black light!

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