Second Submission: Ambryn

Ambryn, a new resident of Seattle (hope you brought an umbrella!), writes to TDIAC with great enthusiasm for this project. She says:

i love the topic of cliches. partly because they are maddening, and entirely inescapable. and in fact, generally they are life

This insightful dancer hits the nail on the head (cliché phrase for a cliché project, yo) about the nature of this entire endeavor. Cheers to you, Ambryn. And now, her submission:

and, one, two, three, four….

emote, emote… and go and go and go and go.
be original. tap, tap. strike; mystery and stare.

then leave. the audience. with unknown space and time.
it’s black, there’s nothing. discomfort, oh my.

“what is art? who am i?” “what is art? who am i?”

flash video. flash art. throw paint. a drumbeat.
invite nature,
a branch under the spotlight.

share weight. and heave. throw weight. and scream.

a fall, a pedestrian.
waiting for the bus. drinking tea.

fade out. fade in.

fade out.


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