First submission: Shelly Beech

I’ve received a handful of encouraging emails telling me that this project is “brilliant” or “interesting” or a “great idea,” and I look forward to receiving submissions from those people (and more!) in the coming days. But today I received an email from probably the most important and influential person in my dance life, Shelly Beech. Shelly was my instructor for 7 years, and I will always consider her a mentor and a friend.

I love her submission because I think it truly speaks to the nature of this project. We all have different ideas of what is trite and tired and overused in dance. Some of this is defined by geography, while for others it’s defined by genre. Shelly owns and operates a dance studio in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. She writes:

Tombe pdb glissade saute chat /or switch leap in second. Please gag me if I see it again.

The other one is Grande Bat hold leg and let audience check your bikini wax!

I found photographic representation of this second sentiment by Googling “dance competition.”


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