Hello and Welcome

This thing is really exciting to me. “Why?” You may ask. “It’s just another blog, and you’ve been writing blogs since the dawn of the Internet.”

Well, Mr. Skeptic, this one is especially exciting because it represents my efforts to create a place for us to engage in movement-based collaborations, while utilizing the Internet as a medium. Basically, it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Well, this and a few million dollars. Plus, you’re wrong about the blogging thing. I wasn’t even born when they made the Internet.

So here it is:

I invite you to think of the biggest clichés in dance — the ones that plague you when you dance or make dances. The ones that you’ve seen done a million times. The tired, the trite, the overused, the predictable. The movement ideas, the themes, the props, the lights, the makeup … anything that comes to mind when you think of the words “cliché” and “dance” smushed together. I invite you to document these ideas. Get your video camera, your digital camera, your cell phone camera or a friend who can draw really well. Act our your cliché and email me the documentation. If you have no way of visually documenting it or feel like you can express your feelings better through words, then write a little something about it. Submissions will be posted on this website as I receive them.

This is phase one. These ideas will be used to create movement, which will later become a piece, which will later become presented at a really awesome Manhattan venue in February 2009. After that we will all realize our collective specialness, have all of our hopes and dreams realized and be presented with one of those giant checks. And someone may give you a boat.

Join me. It will be fun.

Happy Dancing,



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